Sensors & switches

Partnering to advance the future of flight through sensing solutions.

Reliability, accuracy & performance

Unison designs, manufactures and supplies customized sensor solutions. Our product range includes a full suite of advanced temperature and speed sensors, pressure and limit switches and bellows capable of harsh on-engine, airframe and industrial applications. We offer strong field-tested sensors design pedigree, a full spectrum of applicable engineering and testing capabilities with a problem-solving, service-oriented, partnering mindset. We strive to be our customer’s partner and one-stop supplier of choice for advanced sensing.

With more than 35 years of experience, Unison has designed over 230 distinct sensor-types and shipped over 160,000 sensors over the last 10 years. We serve all the major global OEMs and MROs within commerical and military aerospace, marine, and industrial applications

Product lines


Our Temperature and Speed sensors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions for both high altitude, high-performance aircraft to marine and ground-based turbine and industrial applications. We continually invest in advanced sensing solutions, pushing the boundaries of our capabilities in service of our customer’s critical sensing needs.


Unison offers precision absolute and differential pressure switches, as well as high-temperature mechanical position or limit switches for harsh environment applications.


Unison manufactures tightly controlled, thin-walled, precision hydroformed bellows as a stand-alone assembly or for use in switches serving as either a flexible mechanical seal or a precision pressure sensing element.