Highly robust and reliable solutions.

Signal & control harnesses

We pride ourselves on our engineering expertise and commitment to service from development through production to aftermarket. By combining our advanced design capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the latest component developments, we customize solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements. We produce high-quality and cost-effective signal control harnesses for aircraft engines, fire suppression and thrust reverser systems. 

Innovative designs

Unison is constantly developing new designs to address field reparability needs and environmental requirements. Unison designed terminal lugs have been developed and tested to ensure reliability in high thermal and vibration areas. We continue to work on stud and lug improvements for high-vibration capabilities. With fast turnaround times, we can accommodate our clients’ design challenges, providing timely solutions through our model base design. We collaborate to ensure we deliver a reliable component from our design expertise with digital thread tied to hard tooling to our manufacturing knowledge of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, over braiding and testing.

Transferring data

Unison harnesses can reliably transfer data and power regardless of the most challenging and harsh environments including: 

  • Thermal
  • Vibration
  • Chemical
  • Mechanical handling
  • HIRF stresses

Engineered harness solutions

Unison designs, develops and manufactures highly reliable wiring harness and electrical interconnect systems. Our harness options include braided, open bundle and over molded harnesses. Our engineering team can optimize Unison designs to your specifications that provide high reliability with optimization of weight and shielding effectiveness. No matter what specific harness needs you have, from ease of maintenance to durability, Unison can engineer and deliver your wiring solution. 

Repair types
  • Harness locators
  • Imbedded electronics
  • Braided and repairable
  • Integrated & replaceable sensors
  • Check and test
  • Minor & major
  • Spare harness replacement
  • Overhaul
Introducing the GEnx ECB Data Loader upgrade to the latest maintenance support tool

GEnx ECB data loader upgrade

Key benefits
  • Now compatible with Windows 10
  • Backwards compatible with Windows 7
  • New easy-to-install drivers
  • Updated User Interface: simplified user experience, improved error handling
  • CE Compliant