Thermal management

Disrupting the thermal management market with our conformal heat exchanger

Thermal management

At Unison, we are working on innovative technology which offers thermal management solutions with broad installation flexibility. 

Our conformal surface heat exchanger utilizes integrated fins to improve performance over brazed designs for air cooled oil cooling. Unison’s alloys with higher heat transfer coefficients and robust design allows for a lower weight solution, and limited weld joints and no brazing provides high resistance to pressure pulsation and pump ripple. In addition, the surface mount design greatly reduces air flow constriction, when compared with traditional radiator-type coolers. Our thermal management products have increased reliability as there are limited weld points thus eliminating multiple brazed interfaces. 

Benefits over traditional designs:
  • Reduced weight
  • More fuel savings
  • Increased reliability 

Applications & platforms

With thousands of surface coolers in service and more than 20 million flight hours, Unison has a strong presence across business, general aviation and commercial platforms with multiple fin types. 

Variation of fin types

Unison’s custom fin applications allow for tailored cooler and fin design to meet every customers’ need relative to heat transfer, pressure drop, and packaging requirements. 

Multiple platforms

Business jet – Passport 20 – Bombardier Global 7000/8000

Wide-bodied aircraft – GENX1B – B787 & GE9X – B777X

Narrow-bodied aircraft – LEAP1B – B737MAX