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Unison is a global company, employing more than 2,000 people around the world. Unison has five major manufacturing locations as well as engineering centers and supporting sites across the globe.


Manufacturing Sites


Supporting Sites


Montana Precision Products

Butte, Montana


Unison Infrastructure Queretaro (UIQ)

Queretaro, Mexico


Additive Technology Center

West Chester, Ohio


Business & General Aviation & Integrated Systems

Cincinnati, Ohio


Engineering Design Center (EDC)

Warsaw, Poland


Pune Manufacturing Center

Pune, India


Bangalore Engineering Center (BEC)

Bangalore, India

Dzierzoniow, Poland

Employed People : 150
Size: 60000 Sq. ft occupied

The Poland facility produces a wide range of precision machined airframe and engine components including HPT segments, combustor and diffuser case flanges, bushings, sleeves, housings, tubes and ducts.

Norwich, New York

Employed People : 340
Size: 160000 Sq. ft occupied

The Norwich facility manufactures power generation and control systems for gas turbine engines, metal encased ignition leads, sensors, pressure & limit switches, bellows, space ignition systems, and components for use by other Unison locations. Product engineering, new product development and testing is performed on site. Norwich does repair and overhaul of generators, alternators, sensors and switches. (FAA Repair Center UILR299K).

Saltillo, Mexico

Employed People : 500
Size: 100000 Sq. ft occupied

Recently expanded in 2016, our manufacturing site in Saltillo manufactures signal and control harnesses and panel assemblies for airframes and engines.

Dayton, Ohio

Employed People : 700
Size: 360000 Sq. ft occupied

The Dayton facility manufactures gas turbine tubes, ducts, and manifolds, and also has complex machining, fabrication and investment casting capabilities. Product engineering, new product development and testing is performed on site. Dayton does repair and overhaul of tubes, ducts and manifolds. (FAA Repair Center GH5R883M).

Jacksonville, Florida

Employed People : 600
Size: 183000 Sq. ft occupied

The Jacksonville facility manufactures gas turbine engine ignition systems, including ignition exciters, igniters and leads; as well as speed sensors and other electronic components. Product engineering, new product development and testing is performed on site. Jacksonville does repair and overhaul of ignitions systems and speed sensors. (FAA Repair Center UILR299K).