Solid state ignition exciters

At Unison, we are unmatched in our ability to engineer and integrate all components of the ignition system. Unison exciters are available for industrial, L&M, aerospace and main propulsion or APU engines. Our solid-state switch provides more consistent performance due to tighter switch voltage tolerance. This results in reduced stress on the system, quicker starts, and consistent energy delivery throughout the engine’s life cycle.
OEM design knowledge

Unison developed this product to meet the needs of the industry, using our extensive knowledge as the OEM. The design leverages high-tension aerospace proven and certified technology, which delivers increased reliability, dependability and performance. Comprehensive tests have showed spark rate variation was cut by 50%. 

Product advantages
  • Eliminates the hassle of managing, shipping and handling of radioactive materials
  • Designed, tested, certified and OEM approved with same form, fit and function
  • Improved reliability with the removal of the life limited radioactive spark gap assembly
  • Solid State switching provides consistent delivered energy for dependable starts
  • Improved Ignition component life cycles due to reduced dielectric stress on the system 


We build high tension and low tension turbine igniters for aircraft main propulsion engines, auxiliary power units and a wide range of turbine engines for industrial applications. Unison turbine igniters are built with induction-fused glass seals to resist high combustor pressures, and may include exotic metal tip designs for high temperature performance and longevity. Optimized semiconductor geometry and composition resist spark erosion even in the most demanding continuous duty service. Unison anti-wear and thermal finishes stand up even under vibration and heat extremes.

OEM design knowledge

Unison’s patented technology improves spark life under harsh conditions to maximize performance, resulting in longer time-on-wing, and improved mechanical retention with the same form, fit, function, waveform, and efficiency. 
Additionally, ease of plug maintenance improves with no tip swelling. The design leverages high-tension aerospace proven and certified technology for increased reliability, dependability, and performance. Unison developed this product to meet the needs of the industry from our original domain knowledge as the OEM.

Key benefits
  • Reduces delays and cancellations
  • Decreases plug replacement maintenance intervals by 50%
  • Lowers risks of engine damage from improper maintenance


Each Unison ignition lead has the smallest diameter and lightest weight consistent with the application and performance profile. Conductor wires are mated with gold-plated contacts to lower resistance – a vital factor in high-cycle use. And Unison meets your more specialized requirements, too, with products like magnesium oxide leads that can withstand temperatures up to 1200 F.