Unison Designs New H-Series Electronic Engine Control

Oct 21, 2013

LAs Vegas, NV – OCTOBER 21, 2013 — GE selected Unison Industries to design and manufacture the first-in-class integrated Electronic Engine Control (EEC) on the H-Series family of turboprop engines. The design will be certified for use on all current and future H-Series family platforms.

“This is a great example of how Unison has leveraged both our commercial controls technology and lean manufacturing acumen to access a previously unserved market,” said Mike Grunza, president of Unison Industries. “Combining these two strategic competencies allows Unison to provide a superior technical solution while ensuring the technology remains affordable for general aviation customers.”

The EEC, which will be optional on H-Series engines, will enable single-lever power control to enable the pilot to adjust both engine power and propeller speed for the throttle and flight conditions, while allowing for in-flight torque and temperature limiting protecting the engine and aircraft. The system will also provide full auto-start capability, engine trend monitoring and direct interface with aircraft avionics systems to further ease pilot workload.

“Operators have been interested in EECs on turboprop for many years, and GE is excited to start offering an integrated EEC on the current and future H-series engines,” said James Stoker, president of GE Aviation Czech, which produces the H-Series family. “The EEC delivers unique value and provides pilots with the ease of use and protective features expected for the next generation of turboprops.”

Unison Industries has been working on the EEC technology for several years. The integrated EEC has been demonstrated in multiple tests in which the technology has been proven to excel.

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