Unison has been disrupting the heat exchanger market with its conformal heat exchanger for years. Today, we continue to innovate with additive manufacturing, which allows for greater thermal exchange at a fraction of the size and weight of legacy heat exchangers.

Thermal Management

Unison’s innovative technology offers thermal management solutions with broad installation flexibility. Our conformal surface heat exchanger utilizes integrated fins, improving performance over brazed designs, is lower in weight, and with its surface mount design, greatly reduces air flow constriction as compared to traditional radiator type coolers. Lighter weight, improved performance, reduced fuel consumption.

  • Innovative features
    • Flexible design options
    • Light weight
    • Small envelope
    • High reliability
    • Zero leakage
    • No braze joints
    • Low pressure loss
    • Fewer parts
  • Applications
    • Air Cooled Oil Cooler
      • Engine Oil cooling
      • VSFG Oil Cooling
      • IDG Oil Cooling