Unison's harness options include braided, open bundle, and overmolded. No matter what specific harness needs you have, from ease of maintenance to durability, Unison can engineer and deliver your wiring solution.

Open Bundle Harnesses

The wiring harness of choice among the world's leading airlines. Open bundle harnesses are inherently easier to maintain because the wires, connectors and backshells are not covered by any external covering or coating. Used in engines, engine nacelles, and inside aircraft hulls.

Closed Bundle Harnesses

The optimal wiring solution for installations in hostile environments. Closed bundle harnesses use a variety of different materials such as Nomex, PEEK, nylon and metal braiding to cover the bundles of wires inside. While slightly more difficult to service, this added protection makes the harnesses considerably more durable. Used in turbine engine hot sections, military applications and industrial applications, among others.

Overmold Harnesses


When strength matters. Overmold wiring harnesses are generally either open bundle or closed bundle harnesses that have molded joints to prevent separation or fatigue. These joints are molded over the wiring harness to provide an added measure of strength without significantly increasing cost. Used in aircraft wiring, engine harnesses, industrial applications and more.