Fluid Delivery Systems

Early expert collaboration in fluid delivery system design, enabling manufacturability and cost optimization

Unison, a GE wholly owned subsidiary, has vertical integration for design, prototype, test and production allows for collaborative development of our product. Unison’s broad range of products, either design to spec or design assist, allow for the seamless integration of both the mechanical and electrical components of the engine build up system. 
Unison’s integrated manufacturing solutions provide unparalleled tube and duct, manifold and flexible joints design. With over 100,000 systems installed, our proven fluid delivery systems utilize advanced materials and design techniques to reduce material costs and improve harsh environment performance, while improving overall engine efficiency.

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Our Design Assist Program - Enhancing our build to print capabilities Build to Spec - Leveraging decades of design expertise

Early customer collaboration across multi-functional teams to ensure further optimization of product design.


Our dedicated team of expert engineers collaborate and design components to our clients’ unique specifications, optimizing the manufacturing process at every level.  We offer a wide range of fluid delivery systems. 

Our integrated design and manufacturing process can:
• Reduce lead time
• Reduce costs
• Reduce risk of quality escapes
• Facilitate collaborative design iterations


Our OEM capabilities include:
• Complete system design and integration
• Vertically integrated manufacturing processes
• Bellows and flex joint design and manufacturing
• Insulation design
• Full qualification testing


Complete Systems
ECS, Anti Ice, Bleed Air, Starter Air, Fuel Systems, Hydraulic & Fire detection loops
Fuel Manifolds & Air Manifolds
Small Diameter tubing

Flex Joints
Brackets, fittings & loose hardware
Check valves
Fire seal integrations