Our Company

By anticipating customers' needs and investing in research and development, Unison continually sets new standards for performance and technology. Unison is the leading global supplier of complex gas turbine engine components and electrical & mechanical systems. Unison is a supplier to nearly every engine and airframe program, providing the most advanced performance solutions for a wide variety of markets including aviation, space and defense, power, oil and gas, and transportation.

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Unison serves both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers in commercial, military, general aviation, aeroderivative and industrial markets. Check out the video for an overview of the products and services we provide.

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Why we do

At Unison, we believe we’re successful when our customers are successful. By collaborating with customers and investing in technology, we help customers achieve their goals and continually extend the boundaries of what’s known as possible.

What we do

Our Unison team is proud to build the most advanced gas turbine components and electrical and mechanical systems in the world. Our customers are reaching new heights, and we're helping them get there.