No one knows Unison parts better than Unison.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Unison is the most qualified source for repair and overhaul services. Only Unison offers the industry’s most competitive life cycle cost and warranty coverage. We incorporate OEM processes and materials to support your overhaul needs and while continuing to invest in OEM technology to deliver cost of ownership improvements, from engineering changes to upgrades and repairs. At Unison, our highly trained technicians utilize the latest and most precise overhaul and test equipment with their in-depth knowledge of the parts. We offer spare parts support and exchange as well as a wide range of design and manufacturing resources. Our overhaul turn-around times are highly competitive. Only Unison can provide superior service on a global scale.


Unison not only manufactures engine, airframe and industrial products, we have the capability to repair these products at the factory

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Product Support

Our Product Support Team is available to answer any concerns regarding the proper support of your Unison manufactured products

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Repair Stations

We operate several repair stations in the US and UK. Get a list of these repair stations, contact information, and return instructions.

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Technical Pubs

Subscribe to our technical publications or find Special Notices available without subscription

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