Power Generation

Unison Permanent Magnet Generators (PMGs) offer a high reliability and efficient power source for aircraft engines. Our products power a majority of the commercial and military aircraft in active service today. Unison PMGs incorporate advanced technologies and materials providing customized high reliability solutions, whatever the operating environment. We also manufacture power generation components on a build-to-print basis for select customers.

Performance Parameters

Unison manufactures a wide range of PMGs with a varied cross-section of operational parameters. Standard output voltage ranges are 28V to 270V AC or DC, with any number of custom voltages available. Our new insulating materials currently under development enable high voltage (>300V) operation at extended temperatures.

If your application does not fall within the minimums and extremes shown below, we may still be able to meet your needs. Click the contact link below for more information.

Parameter* Minimum Typical Extreme
Power 1.5W 3kW 250kW
Speed 3,000 RPM 30,000 RPM 120,000 RPM
Temperature –65°F 300°F 500°F
Vibration nil 10G's 100G's

*Individual performance and operating parameters may be mutually exclusive

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