Our Company

Unison is the leading global supplier of complex gas turbine engine components and electrical & mechanical systems. Unison is a supplier to nearly every engine and airframe program, providing the most advanced performance solutions for a wide variety of markets including commercial aviation, business & general aviation, industrial, space and defense. By anticipating customers’ needs and investing in research and development, we continually set new standards for performance and technology.

Our Value

Unison is a world leader in gas turbine engine components, electrical and mechanical systems for engine and airframe applications

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Unison has experienced tremendous growth since it began in 1980.

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Unison is part of the global community and has many locations worldwide

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For Suppliers

At Unison, we strive to help every supply partner to achieve the highest levels of quality and service.

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Unison is one of the most innovative and respected companies in aviation.

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Unison's Leadership Team uses their combined years of experience and individual visions for the organization to move our customers forward.

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