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Radiation-Free Ignition Exciter
Off-Engine Harnesses

Radiation-Free Ignition Exciter

Leveraging the technology and experience gained from its aviation turbine products, Unison has been supplying components and systems to serve industrial applications for over 20 years. Our components and systems are found on land-based turbines, reciprocating engines, boiler and flare stacks, and other related applications in the industrial, energy, power, and oil & gas markets.

Land-Based Turbines

     Including both aero-derivative and frame types

Power capability

Unison has established a state of the art power system test facility at its Norwich, NY site. The facility is capable of testing both development and production systems having outputs up to 250kW. We've recently conducted customer demonstrations on such systems as our 16kW Hybrid Homopolar system and our 125kW permanent magnet starter generator system.

Using a 335Hp/250kW motor, our dynamometer can test at speeds from zero to 24,000 rpm and 150 ft-lb torque on a high speed shaft, and from zero to 3,600 rpm and 1000 ft-lb torque on a low speed shaft. With both 250kVA AC and 250kW DC resistive load banks, as well a 0-600Vdc and 0-400Adc power supply, our facility can test a variety of motor and generation systems over a wide range of outputs, speeds, and loads.